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June 11, 2024: SYMBIOTIC SYNCHRONY with artist Dagmar Schürrer and curator Peggy Schoenegge at SOMA Art Space


Dagmar Schürrer reflects in her solo show SYMBIOTIC SYNCHRONY, curated by Peggy Schoenegge, at SOMA Art Berlin on the deep entanglements of human consciousness, natural environment, and current technology.  With a multimedia installation consisting of digital animations, large scale projections, and mixed reality applications, she creates a spatial narrative in which she poetically links the scientific concepts of symbiosis and neural synchrony. The artist applies those to our existence in the postdigital. Both theoretical approaches highlight the interconnectivity of all organic and non-organic agents, challenging concepts of individuality, singular consciousness, and subjectivity.  Schürrer offers her interpretation of the idea of a metaorganism, spanning across the analogue, the digital, the organic and the inorganic, creating an intricate space of hybrid experiences.

The exhibition is part of the extensive 2-year »Becoming Future« project, dedicated to Berlin's technology-driven art domain, curated by Nabi Nara and supported by the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion.


Afterwards dinner at Ripieno Bistro.


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May 27, 2024: Graffiti  Street Art  Urban Art - Tour on the RAW site with Katia Hermann


City dwellers in Berlin and other cities around the world walk past it every day: graffiti  street art  urban art. What exactly are the differences? What techniques are used? When did it actually start? 

Who are the best-known artists worldwide and who is doing what in Berlin? What are the developments and current trends worldwide? Is this art? On the RAW grounds, one of the last alternative places in Berlin, there are many works by various artists to tell the whole story with great examples.

Katia Hermann has been giving guided tours of the urban space on this topic for 10 years, writing essays about it and curating exhibitions.


Afterwards dinner at Fire Tiger Berlin.


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April 11, 2024: Preview of the Affordable Art Fair at Arena Berlin


Affordable Art Fairs mission is to democratise the art world and make art accessible to all. They now hold fairs in 10 cities around the world including London, New York, Hong Kong, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Brussels, Singapore, Stockholm, Melbourne and Sydney, with three new fairs launching in 2024 – Austin, Berlin and Brisbane. Each year they welcome nearly 220,000 art enthusiasts to globally, where they can discover a mix of local, national and international galleries showcasing a wide array of affordable artworks by established artists and rising stars.


SALOON Berlin got the exclusive offer for preview tickets for our members.


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March 20, 2024: at the exhibition ,Et si c'était ça, le paradis?´ with artists Maja Rohwetter in conversation with Dr. Almut Hüfler at artist run space Axel Obiger


Paradise. An ideal place or state outside our reality. Or within ourselves? Have we perhaps already missed it? Jeanne Susplugas and Maja Rohwetter question the relationship between inner and outer reality in a multimedia approach with VR and AR works, drawings, collages and prints. In Suspluga's VR work "I will sleep when I'm dead", graphic set pieces of a dysfunctional reality of life circulate. Rohwetter's AR work "deep and shallow" externalises the forms of an inner reality. Both also bring the fleetingness of XR back into analogue images. The longing for reality begins with the experience that we are not sure that we are still part of reality.


Afterwards dinner together at Chai Viet.


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January 25, 2024: at the exhibition #SOPHYGRAY - A Feminist Voice Bot with artist Nadja Verena Marcin and curator Sylvia Sadzinski at alpha nova & galerie futura 


As part of the Vorspiel 2024 of the transmediale and CTM, alpha nova & galeria futura showed the solo exhibition #SOPHYGRAY – A Feminist Voice Bot, the Berlin premiere of a three-year project by visual artist Nadja Verena Marcin. In collaboration with more than 40 collaborators, the voice bot SOPHY9000 was trained to hold conversations about identity, art and feminism.


Afterwards dinner together at Chung Asia.


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