Meetings 2020



July 7, 2020: SALOON Webinar with Paula Marschalek


SALOON Wien member Paula Marschalek (Marschalek Art Management) gives her Webinar "Walking on Instagram" for the SALOON members.


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June 2, 2020: Online SALOON with Canadian Artist Zeesy Powers


Toronto-based artist Zeesy Powers introduces her works that critically deal with new technologies and explains how. Wikipedia works.


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April 28, 2020: Online SALOON with Charlie Stein 


Artist Charlie Stein introduces her work and artistic practice. (Jitsi meeting)


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February 13, 2020: SALOON with Ines Doleschal at Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin


Artist and art guide Ines Doleschal introduces the exhibition Fighting for Visibility Women Artists in the Nationalgalerie before 1919 at Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin, and shares her knowledge about women artists in the history of art. 


Afterwards dinner together at restaurant 12 Apostel.


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January 10, 2020: SALOON at Janine Mackenroth's solo show Panglossian at Aquabit Gallery


Artist and SALOON member Janine Mackenroth presents her work in her solo exhibition Panglossian at Aquabit Gallery.


Afterwards dinner together at restaurant Royals and Rice.


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