Gallerist Maren Marzilger and artist Ursula Susanne Buchart
 founded the SALOON Dresden in May 2019. Since May 2020, they run the SALOON Dresden together with art historian Nina Fischäss


The SALOON is an international network for women active in the art scenes of many international cities. The members work as curators, artists or journalists, as well as in galleries, museums or universities. The SALOON considers itself a non-profit network for females of the local art scene with the objectives of creating new art projects, organizing exhibitions, enabling members to exchange experiences and knowledge as well as other art-related collaborations.


If you are interested in joining the network in Dresden, please send a short letter of interest and your curriculum vitae to:

Please note: Due to the high interest in our network, it will take some time to answer. 


Maren, Nina and Ursula Susanne



Maren Marzilger is a gallerist and freelance editor living in Dresden since 2011. She studied Art History, French and German Literature at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena and worked for a publishing house in Vietnam. She launched her online gallery Nummeriert & Signiert in 2017 after having worked four years for different galleries of contemporary art. She writes articles, curates exhibitions and represents artists at international fairs. Besides her own business she is working as a gallery manager for the Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz in Dresden and supports the Kunstverein Meißen e.V.


Foto (c) Eric Beier, Dresden



Ursula Susanne Buchart
 is an artist living in Dresden since 2016. She studied painting and graphics, Academy of fine Arts, Vienna, and communication design, University of Applied Sciences Munich
. In her paintings and drawings she focuses on present and historical image production of women and their ambivalence between luscious acting and fetishizing, between fashion and identity. 
Ursula Susanne Buchart
 mixes realistic and expressive manners, accuracy and big gestures, description and satire, high and low. She aims to reveal the interlacements and fabricated natures of human identities.


Foto (c) Meidje Meergans, Berlin


Nina Fischäss is an art historian and gallery assistant. She studied Art History and German Literature and Culture in Dresden and Vienna. Since 2015 she worked for several art galleries and art projects in Dresden, as well as Leipzig and Abu Dhabi, UAE. 


Foto (c) Eric Beier, Dresden


Gyde Becker (Artist),

Anne Brandt (Artist)

Anne-Cathrin Brenner (Artist),

Ursula Susanne Buchart (Artist),

Nina Fischäss (Art historian, gallery and project manager)

Nadine Glas (Artist),

Viktoria Graf (Artist),

Cornelia Hammans (Artist),

Wiebke Hermann (Artist),

Victoria Hilsberg (Art Historian and Gallery Manager),

Mame Innete (Artist),

Lucie Klysch (Art Historian)

Karin Kopka-Musch (Artist),

Viktoria Kurnicki (Artist),

Maren Marzilger (Gallerist),

Frieda Pirnbaum (Cultural Manager and Concept Developer),

Theresa Rothe (Artist),

Johanna Seidel (Artist),

Theresa Tuffner (Artist),

Lisa Wölfel (Artist),

Maxi Elisabeth Wollner (Art Historian, Writer)

Elena Zanichelli (Junior Professor  for Art History and Aesthetic Theory),

Helena Zubler (Artist),

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