Juliette Bibasse  and Camilla Colombo founded the SALOON Brussels in May 2019.


The SALOON is an international network for women active in the art scenes of the cities of Berlin, Brussels, Dresden Hamburg, Paris and Vienna. The members work as curators, artists or journalists, producers as well as in galleries, museums or universities. The SALOON considers itself a non-profit network for females of the local art scene with the objectives of creating new art projects, organizing exhibitions, enabling members to exchange experiences and knowledge as well as other art-related collaborations.


If you are interested in joining the network, please send a short letter of interest and your curriculum vitae to: saloonbrussels@gmail.com

Please note: Due to the high interest in our network, it will take some time to answer. 


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Camilla & Juliette


With a background in graphic design and artistic direction, Juliette Bibasse has a taste for simple, efficient, stripped down aesthetics. Since 2009, she has been applying her skills to the digital art scene, creating connections and opportunities between artists, festivals and cultural actors. She has been working as an independent curator for several festivals and cultural institutions, recently as guest curator for the exhibition of STRP festival 2019 in Eindhoven. As a producer, she collaborates on a wide range of projects with international artists both for cultural contexts and corporate commissions: from interactive stage design for Vice and AT&T at SXSW festival; audioreactive origami sculptures for Onedotzero at Milan Fashion Week ; to the JayZ x Joanie Lemercier collaboration for Barneys NYC’s holiday windows. Since 2013, she is the head of production of Studio Joanie Lemercier, based in Brussels.



With one foot in producing performative arts and one in European cultural policy, Camilla Colombo worked in Italy, UK, Chile and Belgium. Always interested in hybridization and crossing of disciplines, Camilla worked for art organisations of all sizes focusing on multidisciplinary and multimedia theatre productions and project management. She has worked with international directors such as Andrée Ruth Shammah, Robert Wilson and Ramin Gray. Since 2016 she is based in Brussels where she is working in cultural policy and advocacy for the arts, and where, with a group of engineers, she co-founded Ohme, a collective curating and producing educational and artistic content at the nexus between arts and sciences. She is also co-founder of culture Solutions, an independent non-for-profit, bottom-up social innovation group contributing to the excellence of EU international cultural relations policies.




Alexandra Dementieva (Artist), alexdementieva.org

Anne Huybrechts (Responsible for Digital Art support in Brussels-Wallonia Federation), arts-numeriques.culture.be

AnneMarie Maes (Artist), annemariemaes.net

Camilla Colombo (Cultural Policies and Project Management), ohme.bepearle.euculturesolutions.eu

Elodie Antoine (Artist), elodieantoine.be

Gwenaëlle de Spa (Curator and Art Historian)

Juliette Bibasse (Curator and Producer), julietteb.com

Louise Devin (Artist), louisedevin.com

Lucille Carmel (Artist and Curator), vimeo.com/lucillecalmel

Marie du Chastel (Curator KIKK festival), kikk.be

Sarah Lorenzo (Artist), sarahlorenzo.com

Stéphanie Pécourt (Directrice du Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles) , cwb.fr

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